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Bring the history and books of Charles Darwin to your campus.


The Lecture


Darwin: Books, Beetles, and Botany is a 90 minute lecture that focuses on the history of evolutionary theory and the incredible story of Charles Darwin.  The program is a multi-media presentation including a lecture by David A.Wooten (Biology Professor at Washtenaw Community College, Ann Arbor, MI), his private antiquarian book collection of publications influential in the formation of Darwin's theory, a visual and dynamic Powerpoint presentation showing stunning  and rare images, and tables of artifacts unique to Darwin and this historical period of biology.


Past lectures include Washtenaw Community College (Feb., 2014), Ann Arbor District Library (Feb., 2015), MCCB conference (2014, 2015), Indiana State University Darwin Keynote Speaker (Feb., 2015), University of Florida Speaker Series Invite (Oct., 2015), Ash Lecture Series Speaker, Montcalm Community College (Oct., 2017), Eastern Michigan University (2019).


The Collection and Display


As part of the program, attendees will be able to view the private book collection (over 50 books) up close and personal (sorry no touching).  Likewise, tables will be set out displaying several artifacts relating to Darwin including his microscope, antique book engravings, model of the H.M.S. Beagle, unfolded maps and illustrations from rare books, and more.





Following the lecture, host institutions are welcome to arrange a post-reception where students and attendees are able to view the book collection, the display tables and associated antique items, and have a chance to talk with Prof. Wooten.  Additional information and the book collection can be discussed, while participants talk about the concepts and signficance of topics mentioned in the lecture.  Receptions are preferred to be scheduled immediately following the talk and no longer than 30-45 minutes.




 Darwin: Books, Beetles, and Botany  includes a 90 minute lecture, the display of a rare and historical Darwin book collection, two tables of antique Darwinian artifacts, and the optional post-lecture reception.  An appropriate honorarium is suggested and should be discussed at the time of scheduling.  Host institutions are asked to cover the cost of travel greater than 30 miles from Ann Arbor, MI.


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